What is the list?

In 2019 my girlfriend and I wrote down all the things we’d like to do, then quit our jobs to go do them. The List is the result.

How it works

Each challenge has a catchy name, and four levels of difficulty. Something like this:

List Worthy Title

  1. Anyone could do it…

  2. With a bit of practice…

  3. If they’re lucky…

  4. Given an act of God.

After we attempt a challenge, I write a blog about how it went.

Make your own

We came up with The List by thinking about:

  • Skills I’d like to learn

  • Goals I’d like to achieve

  • Communities I’d like to meet

  • People I’d like to spend time with

  • Places I’d like to see

Help me out

Want to do a challenge with us? Just say.

Got something to add to The List? Tell me.

The List

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