What is the list?

My girlfriend and I wrote down all the things we’d like to do. Not smart. In the end, we replaced our respectable jobs with a to do list we’ll probably never get round to.

How it works

Each item four levels of difficulty. Something like this:

List Worthy Title

  1. Anyone could do it…

  2. With a bit of practice…

  3. If they’re lucky…

  4. Given an act of God.

We came up with The List by thinking about:

  • Skills we’d like to learn

  • Goals we’d like to achieve

  • Communities we’d like to meet

  • People we’d like to spend time with

  • Places we’d like to see

Help me out

Want to do something on the list with us? Just say.

Got something interesting to add to The List? Tell me.

The List

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