1. Go on bargain hunt in the UK.

  2. Go to Tiree in Scotland.

  3. Stay in Berghain from Friday night to Monday morning in Germany.

  4. Attempt the Haute ski trail across Europe.

  5. Go to Cannes film festival in France.

  6. Go to the Paris Catacombes in France .

  7. Ride horses up Vesuvius in Italy.

  8. Walk in Lofoten in Norway.

  9. Run the Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway.

  10. LARP at the Witcher School in Poland.

  11. See the Northern Lights .

  12. Go to the Edinburgh fringe in Scotland.

  13. Do a road trip in Scotland.

  14. See the Inchconnachan Wallabies in Scotland.

  15. Catch a salmon in the salmon run in Scotland.

  16. Enter the Highland Games in Scotland.

  17. Climb a munro in Scotland.

  18. See basking sharks in the UK.

  19. Throw a tomato at Tomatina in Spain.

  20. Run from a bull at the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

  21. Eat out in San Sebastian in Spain.

  22. Experience Midsummer in Sweden.

  23. Go to Tomorrowland in Belgium.

  24. Work in a scandi design firm in Scandinavia.

  25. Host a party weekend in the Lake District in the UK.