Asia Pacific

asia pacific

I’ve lived here for several years, so the list is a bit short…

  1. Be in a Bollywood movie in India.

  2. Join a Holi party in India.

  3. Free dive with AMA pearl divers in Japan.

  4. Go to the olympics in Japan

  5. See the sumo world championships in Japan.

  6. Enter a sumo tournament in Japan.

  7. Go to Fukushima in Japan.

  8. Go Fly fishing in Nagano.

  9. Get a free house somewhere in Japan.

  10. Get to basecamp in Nepal.

  11. Go the world cup finals in Qatar.

  12. See the great barrier reef in Australia.

  13. Swim in Syndey’s Iceberg Bondi Beach pool in Australia.

  14. See Kiribati before it disappears.

  15. Go to Dark mofo in Tasmania.