Hi, I’m Alex.

I was born eating baked beans in Bolton, and grew up singing songs in London. I’ve had adulthood detours living in Berlin, Tokyo, and Singapore.

To begin with, I intended to be a pop star. After realising the world doesn’t need another teen wannabe, I went to study philosophy in the UK and Canada. Turns out the world doesn’t need another unemployed philosopher, either.

I wound up joining Entrepreneur First as the company’s first employee, eventually setting up and running EF in Asia. We’ve since grown the team to >100 people, invested in >1000 founders, and raised >$150m.

I write articles with what I’ve learned about technology, philosophy, and business.

In 2019 my girlfriend and I wrote down all the things we’d like to do, then quit our jobs to go do them.

The List was the result.